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There are several reason why we had to come to the conclusion that we cannot recommend to use Global Textware as an outsourer for translation services.

1. The name "Global Textware" and has apparently been pirated from the US-company "", a software enterprise, as well as from the German software developer "Textware GmbH" who invented this name and is the legal copyright holder.

2. "Global Textware" uses the online database "Epos" (yet another pirated name) to recruit home-based freelance translators seeking jobs over the web. Apparently anyone can sign up. Global Textware uses ad-hoc outsourcing to find someone who takes the job outsourced to Global Textware. Global Textware's office in Groningen does not employ any permanent translators.

3. So-called "Project Managers" - Looking at the staff profiles, they turned out to be unqualified inters, art students and ex-freelancers. However, they didn't seem to be very professional. Only because the profession of being a "Manager" has suffered from ack of reputation recently, should this mean just anyone could do it better than the business school MBAs? We do not think so.

4. A lack of communication - When we needed to contact the director our e-mails were not responded.

5. Crowdsourcing - It leaked that Global Textware uses an exploitation strategy common among such outsourcers which is called "Crwodsourcing" and finally means that the outsourcer does not share their profit with the providers who perform the actual work.

6. Expensive - While Global Textware uses low-cost tactics concerning their providers, their rates are so steep. But price is not everything to suggest quality.

7. Phoney "Social responsibility" - As with many other unreputated corporations, "social responsibility" programs such as "Translators Without Borders" are apparently advertized in order to sugar-coat the points we had to criticize above. As long as others have to provide their pro bono translations through Global Textware, they can of course only win - it's free advertisment! A little bit of tax-deductible donations to a school in Nepal (why exactly this one?) and the unpaid freelancers sweating for this outrourcer will be forgotten!

8. Stereotpyical "Quality Assurance" - Last but not least, their stereotypical QA routine based on a freeware Excel sheet from the insolvently dissolved Swiss-based Localization Industry Standard Association (former domain owner LISA.ORG) does not realy help to assure translation quality as this would need qualified and motivated translators and proofreaders in the first place. However, a Excel sheet for calculating mistakes in order to follow a DIN EN 15038 routine in a superficial and pretentious manner is not really helpful to assure translation quality (and for the translators possibly not as well). What should the self-appointed big title of "QA Manager" help if the person behind the title does not speak any of the languages involved in a translation project?

Summary: "Global Textware b.v." - Just another copy-cat small business trying to be more but obviously a little bit too phoney.

Review about: Document Translation.

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